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Please send me pricing for the following CD-ROM project as described below:

CD Replication:

Submitted master format (CD-R, DAT, etc.)
Replication format? (CD-ROM, CD Audio, Hybrid)              
Operating System? (Windows 95, 98, MAC, DOS, Dual)
Disc silk screening (Indicate # of colors)

Printing components:

Tray cards & booklets required (Yes*/No)               
*If yes, I will supply (Yes/No)
*If yes, indicate # of booklet pages
*If yes, indicate # of colors               
Custom cardboard CD mailers required (Yes*/No)
*If yes, I will supply (Yes/No)
*If yes, indicate style/# of panels
CD Packaging:
Please Indicate style:
Jewel case Paper sleeve
Paper sleeve w/ window   Paper sleeve w/ flap
Tyvek sleeve    Tyvek sleeve w/ window
Tyvek sleeve w/ flap Clear vinyl sleeve
Clear vinyl sleeve w/adhesive back Security pack
  Other custom packaging (please explain)

Package Assembly:

My CD will contain an insert (Yes*/No)?   
*If yes, I will supply/please quote for printing my insert        
Shrink wrap my program (Yes/No)
Special packaging requirements - please explain

Ancillary Services:

Please send me information for 800 number inbound order capturing & credit card processing services (Yes/No)   
Please quote for fufillment services...Warehousing & distribution (Yes/No)        
Misc. project details (please describe)


Send information via e-mail
Send information via U.S. Mail
Have an account executive call

DVD, Audio CD, CD-Rom Replication Video/Audio Duplication
Custom printing, packaging and design
• 800# inbound order capturing
Credit card processing
• Fulfillment and distribution services

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