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Video/Audio Services

Multi-format mastering and duplication capabilities.
For source material and final output, MediaVision is equipped to work with all accepted standards.

Video Duplication:

  • Source material can be provided on Betacam SP, 1", DS Digital Betacam, S-VHS, 3/4", VHS, and new formats as developed.
  • Real-time and high-speed duplication.
  • SP or EP formats available.
  • Output for NTSC, PAL and Secam standards.
  • PCM audio enhancing, Dolby or DBX noice reduction, and closed caption encoding.
  • Macrovision anti-piracy encoding.

Audio Duplication:

  • Acceptable source formats: DAT, DC-R, cassette.
  • Duplication output formats: cassette, reel to reel, DAT.
  • Direct shell inprinting or paper labels.
  • Custom j-card insert or o-card printing.
  • Dolby noise reduction.

Full-service manufacturing for 100% error-free quality.

  • Class 100 clean rooms are continuously monitored for temperature, humidity, and cleanliness.
  • Tape and shell suppliers must meet the high standards for our quality-assurance department, and pass our annual supplier-certification process.
  • Critical electronic monitoring ensures optimum recorded product.

Full-color, high-resolution printing.

  • Available processes include offset, silkscreen,or custom laser.
  • Provide your own film, or utilize MediaVision's in-house graphics team for scanning, typesetting, film output and design consulting.

Worldwide locations.
All processes are performed at MediaVision facilities strategically located throughout the U.S. and Europe, including California, New York, Canada, and Ireland.

Complete distribution and fulfillment services.

DVD, Audio CD, CD-Rom Replication Video/Audio Duplication
Custom printing, packaging and design
• 800# inbound order capturing
Credit card processing
• Fulfillment and distribution services

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